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If you ever feel lonely, just tap the spacebar and remember that 10 000 other people tapped at the exact same time with you :) 
You know it's time to get pain killers when you put on music to work to and it's on 1/3 of one bar (mac) and it makes your head hurt and feels too loud xDD
Sorry guys, probably no video this week. I'm trying to go back to weekly videos since I really enjoy that now but I'm travelling for some family stuff and I only arrive back Sunday morning so I'll probably be dead.

I had to take a very VERY long hiatus from videos (I think it was like 6 months or something ridiculous) to figure out if I actually liked making videos. I know I made a few videos in there but I made them when I felt like it and they were about stuff I wanted to make, regardless of how long it would take so it was more about  what I made than uploading a video every week.

I guess I know a lot more now than I did back then. Like back then the camera makeup, lighting, framing, etc was really hard. And the scripting to make the most of the equipment I had was near impossible. But my last video i managed to make in a couple days (filming on the Saturday, editing and uploading on the Sunday) which I was really surprised by because usually the editing alone takes about 3 days (trimming one day, overlays, music and effects another, and final edits, render, export and upload the last)

I might make this into a video in a few years so I guess you guys can say you heard it here first. Who knows where my channel will be in a few years. I might have quit which scares the shit out of me because i can't imagine my life without YouTube anymore. I love it so much and it has changed me into the articulate, expressive, happy person I am today. Before, I would never scream at a computer game for dramatic effect but now it's just normal ahaha.

Wait what was I saying? That was a bit of a tangent lol.
Oh yeah I think what I was gonna say was, back then basic videos used to challenge me. But now I can make much harder videos I could never have even thought of then. Like back then opening a tripod and setting up the camera was hard. I remember the first time I went to film a video, i was opening the tripod and managed to smack myself in the face with a leg or something. I literally don't know how that's possible but whatever.

Anyways my point is I've learnt a shit tonne and I owe my purpose to YouTube. Without it I would just be sitting here now looking at all the YouTubers thinking "I wish I could do that" but now I can. I would just go through my everyday routine with the occasional bit of excitement here and there but YouTube makes my life so much more exciting and happy. I just love interacting with you guys and the viewers.

So basically if there's something you want to do, go do it (unless it's like rob a bank or do drugs). If you want to learn an art style, just start, if you want to learn a language, just start, if you want to play a musical instrument, just start. The hardest part is the first part of learning that skill but trust me, it gets so much easier and enjoyable from there, my friends. I believe in you and honestly, I wouldn't be here if my viewers and friends here didn't believe in me so thankyou. I owe my little successes and bigger successes alike to you.

I wish there was command f on phones so I can find comments from people 😋
Oh my gosh it's so weird to see "1 year ago" on some of my old videos. Like a full year has passed, I can't even believe that 
Sorry this took so long but the new video is out! (with 4 minutes and 45 seconds to spare xD)…
I added CCs to the whole video which took about 3 hours extra that I didn't plan for. I'm really proud of how the thumbnail for this video and the CCs turned out
A new video will be out today! Stay tuned! :D…

NEW VIDEO!! I try to talk to Siri in different languages and find out she's actually SO SASSY?!?!


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Kyra Bellamy
Artist | Student | Other
Hey guys! My name is Kyra aka keechips on YouTube. I like to make videos that make people laugh. Hopefully, my awkwardness and complete inability to talk has charmed you over.

I am very good at stuffing things up. I was going to make a bad pun here but I don't want you to puke all over your computer and make the keys all sTiCkY. Nice mental image for you there. SLEEP WELL! :)

There's like a 99.9% chance I'm on the internet somewhere right now so maybe send me a message? That'd be really cool.


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